Trend #1: Breastplate Necklaces

A way of making a statement about your personality is choosing these super massive and bold pieces to accompany your image. Strong and tough and feminine is a nice balance. Bold in confidence and gentle in action.  These necklaces are the thing you need to prove your presence.

 Trend #2: Tube Necklaces

The current necklaces that really catches attention are the tube shapes coming out , Smooth or textured they match any combination of outfits and looks. Pick one, stack two or add chains for a layered look. A lovely Summer choice.

Trend #3: Metallic Bracelets

Metallic details are always a hit , have a look at the most creative and modern interpretations that these forms have. enjoy them from different angles like fine architecture. From small shapes to bolder looks, they will manage to capture you imagination. 

Trend #4: Chains, Chains, Chains

Chains impressive and curious interpretations of our links to tradition, They add music to our ears, as they dangle and jingle , always making your presence known.

Trend #5: Massive Geometric Forms

Geometric shapes so absolutely stunning on the curves of the body, the opposing lines demand attention in a most tasteful elegant way.

Trend #6: Statement Earrings

Experiments with forms, shapes, and colors gives  birth to the incredible variety of pieces like earrings too, coming with the biggest diversity of shapes and textures .

Trend #7: Upper Arm Bracelets and Cuffs

Upper arm bracelets are the following noteworthy details., . Never seems to go out of  style and so many options to pick from. I saw them on the runway , plenty . Modern minimalism or tribal and hippie chic, always a great accessory. 

Trend #8: Chokers

Chokers also came with a renovated and great design, combining textures, colors, combinations and details. For inspiration, you can layer with longer chains on maintain a simple look , with a thin choker, my favorite is the gold plated version (also available in Sterling Silver) 

 Trend #9: Feather and Fur Jewelry

Feathers and fur appear to be the following accentuating materials that many of the designers boldly opted for coming up with multi-colored and beautiful looks. Under Leather you'll find some great fur choices as well as my handmade signature leather feathers...

Trend #10: Natural Stones

Natural stones turned out to be the following noteworthy and cool material that can be used for the creation of unique and spectacular jewelry pieces. Basically turning into massive details, these options came as counterbalances for feminine images, at the same time contributing to the eye-catching color combinations and overall color palette.  Many new BISJOUX pieces have arrived in glimmering Labradorite , Lapis Lazuli, Tigers eye and Obsidian. Both offering the beauty and power of nature. You will soon find them here.