Nugold is a brass alloy and contains 85% copper and 15% zinc. Nugold is specially formulated for jewelry. It has a rich warm color and if highly polished resembles gold without the high cost of gold. Nugold features a rich, warm hue that tarnishes considerably slower than copper.  Once your Nugold tarnishes you may want to keep it that way or follow steps below to renew

Buffing with Brass cleaner should be done with an old t-shirt or dust cloth and NEVER with paper towels.



brass cleaning


Some customers enjoy their brass to age and prefer the darker look of their piece. But in order to keep it a brighter gold , a product like Brasso will do the trick.  You can also use another method by allowing the piece to soak in a mixture of Vinegar and Salt. Let it stand several hours then remove and rinse.

Enjoy your item as it ages, it adds a unique character to what is yours...